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What is DigitalOcean Cloud?

DigitalOcean Cloud, a prominent player in the field of cloud computing platforms, delivers a comprehensive cloud ecosystem encompassing
databases, computing, storage, content delivery, and networking services. This offering caters to both individual users and large-scale organizations.

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Secure your exclusive dedicated servers, data center, and infrastructure today.

Harness the power of cloud computing for scalable and flexible solutions.


Effortlessly store and access your data with the convenience of cloud storage.


Access scalable and secure cloud databases for seamless data management and flexibility.


Efficiently transition to the cloud for enhanced scalability and efficiency.


Protect your data with robust cloud security measures.


DigitalOcean Kubernetes offers a managed solution that is easy to scale, featuring a 99.5% SLA and a free control plane.

App Platform

App Platform is our fully-managed PaaS solution designed to get your app to market quickly, with an easy setup and cost-effective pricing.

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